Why use Freelancers

Using Freelancers is very often a cheaper, more flexible and more adapted solution for your projects whether in business development, IT or any other field. In addition, using ACCUR makes you benefit from the expertise of our Recruiting Managers who will carefully select the right professionals meeting your needs. Our clients choose us for our selection, our reactivity, our reliability and of course our network and prices.

ACCUR’s advantages

ACCUR Freelance is very different from a regular online marketplace. We basically apply the same techniques that made ACCUR Recruiting Services very successful in Executive Searching. Our selection is very precise and taylored to our clients” needs. We meet face to face with all the freelancers we eventually recommend.

How to work with us?

Our Recruiting Managers are available anytime to meet with you and understand your projects. They can thereafter make the best recommendations of candidates for your projects.

Our Business Model

There are absolutely no upfront costs when using ACCUR for Freelancers. Our only source of revenue is a margin on the Freelancers’ compensation. This margin varies from 15 to 20% of the billing depending on the project length and complexity. Our experience shows that we usually manage to be cheaper than the competition whether direct or indirect.