Executive Search

Recruitment Process for an Executive Search or Permanent Placement

  • Network screening for potential candidates.
  • Ads posting on our exclusive tools to reach new and known candidates.
  • Interview of all the necessary candidates to provide our client with a selection of the best talents to interview and choose from.
  • Replacement guarantee offered for all our recruitments.

Benefits for our clients

  • A direct access to our exclusive networks and recruitment tools.
  • No waste of time in extensive and tedious searches, more time to focus on your business.
  • A better reactivity in case of urgent recruitments.
  • A chance to benefit from our experience in recruiting for the industries in our areas of expertise.
  • A risk free process with guaranteed results. For contingency recruitments, fees are only due if one of our candidates is hired. We work with a retainer only in the specific case of very senior level management recruitment processes.