Top 10 of the most viewed job opportunities in 2009 with ACCUR

Looking back at the year 2009, we wanted to share with you the 10 most viewed and appreciated job openings and career opportunities with ACCUR (ranked by number of candidates and applications):

  1. US Sales Manager for Wine & Spirits (Miami, FL)
  2. Marketing Manager for Food & Beverage (Miami, FL)
  3. Area Sales Manager in Luxury Goods for Latin America and the Travel Retail (Miami, FL)
  4. Marketing & Sales Coordinator in Flatware & Dinnerware for Latin America (Miami, FL)
  5. Assistant Brand Manager in Fragrances & Cosmetics (Miami, FL)
  6. Central America Sales Representative  in Flatware & Dinnerware (Panama)
  7. Latin America Controller in Wine & Spirits (Miami, FL)
  8. Regional Events Coordinator / Office Manager in Luxury Goods & Fashion (Miami, FL)
  9. Account Executive in Luxury Goods for the Caribbean Duty Free (Miami, FL)
  10. Store Manager in Luxury Fashion and Luxury Goods (Bal Harbour, FL)

This also gives you a good understanding of what we usually do and recruit for.


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